Wet Bags

Wet bags are extremely useful.

Usually used when out and about to temporarily store clean and dirty nappies, but just as good for costumes, gym clothes etc...
Most cloth nappy moms agree that having at least two travel size wet bags is essential and makes going out a breeze.

BiddyKins regular size Wet Bags have two separate Polyurethane lined (PUL) waterproof compartments - making it easy to separate wet and dry items.

Our regular size Wet bags are available in either Smooth finish or Minky finish. Smooth finish is the made from the same smooth fabric that regular pocket nappies are made from, whilst Minky finish is a thicker velvety feel fabric.

REGULAR SIZE (for when you're out an about - everyday use):
(Size: ± (H)40cm x (W)33cm)

Note - this is a large travel sized wet bag / laundry bag.
(Size: ± (H)68cm x (W)48cm)

We also offer a very small compact single zip pocket wet bag used for storing other small items (NOT nappies):

Note - this small wet bag cannot store any cloth nappies as it is very small.
(Size ±19.5cm(w) x ±15.5cm(h))