Pocket nappies usually consist of:
         A size adjustable, waterproof (PUL) outer layer 
         An inner lining that forms a "pocket"
         Inserts that absorb moisture that fit into the pocket

Ideally the inner lining should keep baby feeling dry and comfortable:
This is why pocket nappies are commonly lined with a white "StayDry" microsuede fabric.(We also offer a "fleece" alternative in the darker grey Charcoal Bamboo Fleece nappies.)

Inserts, made of different fabrics are "stuffed" into the pocket opening and do the actual absorbing (just think of them as 'sponges'). Inserts are one of the most critical components of a pocket nappy. 

Easy to use snaps adjust the size of the nappy to achieve a snug fit around the thighs and tummy. Moms often prefer size adjusting snaps to Velco. (which snags in the wash and can be a bit of a pain.)

Note that regular size, also called OSFM nappies are only suitable from around ±4½kgs (and then fit right through to around 16Kgs).
This is true of ALL regular size pocket nappies, regardless of brand. We are not aware of any nappy on the market that will fit correctly from 2½Kgs through to potty training,  so no nappy should be described as a "birth-to-potty" nappy. (The World Health Organisation only classifies new born babies as underweight if they weigh less than 2.5Kg's at birth). This means that OSFM pocket nappies will be too big for most newborn babies. Please have a look at the Newborn category for smaller size nappies. 

Did you know that BiddyKins Pocket Nappies have been voted SA’s FAVOURITE pocket nappies for the last FIVE years in a row !?


(For more on pocket nappies, including washing instructions & videos, please refer to our online guide by clicking here)

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