Wet Bags & Nappy Pods

We offer a vairety of wetbags and nappy pods to make life a little easier when you're away from home.

WET BAGS: Used when out and about to temporarily store clean & dirty nappies, but just as good for costumes, gym clothes etc...
Most cloth nappy moms agree that having at least two regular size wet bags is essential and makes going out a breeze.
Wet Bags are shaped like a "packet" or bag  whereas Nappy Pods (available lower down on this page) are sewn into a "cube" or "box" shape - specifically to the size of regular size nappies.

BiddyKins regular size Wet Bags have two separate Polyurethane lined (PUL) waterproof compartments - making it easy to separate wet and dry items.

Our regular size Wet bags are available in either Smooth finish or Minky finish. Smooth finish is the made from the same smooth fabric that regular pocket nappies are made from, whilst Minky finish is a thicker velvety feel fabric.

REGULAR SIZE (for when you're out an about - everyday use):
(Size: ± (H)40cm x (W)33cm)

Note - this is a large travel sized wet bag / laundry bag.
(Size: ± (H)68cm x (W)48cm)

Note - this small wet bag cannot store any cloth nappies as it is very small - it can be used to store cloth wipes and other sanitary items.
(Size ±19.5cm(w) x ±15.5cm(h))


Nappy Pods are a great way to organize your clean nappies when you're out - forming a neat cube.

The pods are made from the same waterproof fabric that our wetbags are made from (Waterproof PUL). Although they can be used for storing dirty nappies, they are primarily intended for storing clean nappies, neatly and conveniently, when you're out on the road - or dropping the little ones off at creche' (or granny!).

 One zippered, waterproof compartment.
 Holds  ±12 nappies (with 2 inserts per nappy).

SIZE: ±30cm x 20cm x 20cm

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