Children love to play with playdough and can get very busy playing and coming up with all sorts of creations.

It's not just FUN, it has many benefits too...
Playdough works those little fingers, developing fine motor strength and dexterity as they squeeze, roll, pinch and squash the playdough.

Playdough is a great way to introduce using scissors and even a knife and fork. Adding an assortment of buttons, beads, pipe cleaners etc encourage the use of little fingers and helps to develop hand-eye coordination as they use both hands to reach and create.
As children mature, their creations become more complex and involved as do the stories behind their creations.

 Raindough is made by hand right here in South Africa using top quality, non-toxic, food grade ingredients. 
 Soft, pliable, long lasting and wont dry out overnight if one forgets to pack it away.
‚Äč Packaged in 7 colours, each with its own yummy, sweet fragrance, RainDough is loved by kids of all ages (including "big" kids)!

RainDough Tower 1.3Kg - NO cutters

A re-sealed, stackable tower containing 7 x 180g colours of RainDough playdough - for hours of fun !.....

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