Cleansing Cloth

Introducing the incredibly gentle...amazing cleanser.

This amazing cloth cleans, exfoliates and freshens skin. It even assists with acne control.

We love this powerful cleanser, not only because it's so incredibly soft - but even more importantly because it doesn't rely on any chemicals or harsh soaps to help it do its magic - you simply soak it in warm water and use it as a regular facecloth !

It’s suitable for all skin types, no matter how sensitive...both mom's & baby’s. 
Soft enough for cleaning baby's skin with a gentle wipe and strong enough to remove waterproof makeup in seconds.

Cleans without scrubbing or scratching ... wipe away lipstick, foundation, waterproof mascara and even sticky foods off soft little chubby cheeks !

Using the cloth:
• Saturate cloth with warm water.
• Wipe across skin using circular movements.
• Hold over eyes for up to 10 seconds to remove eye makeup.
• Use the smooth side for cleaning and the side with the longer fibers for gentle exfoliation.

Cleaning the cloth:
• Rinse cloth by hand after use.
• Machine wash every few days when necessary.

Light Yellow Cleansing Cloth

Gentle enough for cleaning baby soft skin, powerful enough to remove waterproof makeup.Using the clo.....

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