Delivery Information

We utilize a number of different established, reliable courier companies to deliver your goods to you.
We have negotiated excellent rates with these courier companies, all of whom have a record of doing their best to get the goods to you as quickly and economically as possible.

Courier companies use your Suburb/Town to identify your address as being either Main Center or Outlying Area.

Sending parcels to major city centers is fast and very cost effective, but it's obviously a little slower, and more expensive to send parcels to outlying areas.

Also keep in mind that since courier companies calculate their fees based on both weight and volume, we pack our goods as tightly as possible to keep the costs to a minimum: so always take care when opening the parcels and avoid using sharp objects that could damage the goods inside.

We offer three basic parcel "delivery" options:
1) Store Pick-Up - Simple collection at an address in Durban North.
This is of course free.
Parcel collection times are strictly on  Mondays AND Thursdays only, from 9am to 4pm.
Always ensure that you have received an email informing you that your goods are ready for collection.

2) Main Centre Delivery
If our Courier partners identify your Suburb/Town as being in a "Main Centre" we deliver the parcel directly to your address.
Parcel tracking details will be emailed to you.   
Delivery is usually within 3 business days.  

Total Parcel Weight

Delivery Charge

0 – 1 Kg


1  - 2 Kg


2 – 3 Kg


3 – 4 Kg


4 – 5 Kg


5 – 6 Kg


6 – 7 Kg


7 – 8 Kg


8 – 9 Kg


9 – 10 Kg


Delivery is free for orders over R1950

3) Regional Area Delivery
If our courier partners identify your Suburb/Town as being "Regional" we deliver the parcel to a collection point close to you using Pargo's delivery service.
Pargo have established "Pick-Up" points scattered right around the country. Delivery to these "pick-up" points is far more cost effective than delivering to unique addresses, and as a bonus, there is no set delivery time - allowing you to collect your parcel at your convenience.
You will receive an SMS from Pargo informing you that your parcel is ready for collection.
Delivery is usually within 5 days.
NOTE: The parcel is only kept at the pick-up point for one week

Total Parcel Weight

Delivery Charge

0 – 5 Kg


5  - 10 Kg


Delivery is free for orders over R1950

If you have any further questions with regards to delivery - please don't hesitate to send us an email: [email protected]