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Newborn Inserts

Booster Inserts for use with Newborn Covers.

Babies often "out wee" newborn size nappies before they "out grow" them. By adding a booster insert, the absorbency of the nappy is effectively increased. 

Newborn Booster Inserts are very similar to regular size nappy inserts, they are simply smaller to allow for a trimmer, snug fit.

Note that these booster inserts are for use with newborn covers.

They are not for use with BiddyKins Newborn All-in-One nappies.

Hemp Booster Insert

4 Layer Hemp Fleece Booster Insert.Similar to the regular size insert, only smaller.This is the most.....

Newborn StayDry Bamboo Booster Insert

4 Layer StayDry bamboo blend Booster insert:2 Layers bamboo terry, with 1 hidden layer of microfiber.....

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