Period Swimwear

Introducing BiddyKins Period Swimwear.

Take beach days or lounging around the pool in your stride with BiddyKins Period Swimwear.

BiddyKins Period Swimwear has been specifically designed for use in the water. They look like regular swimming costumes but give you added confidence when you need it!

They are suitable for your light flow days at the beginning or end of your period when they can replace traditional pads, tampons or cups. They can of course also be worn as back-up to your tampon/cup for added peace of mind on heavier days.
Wear them as bikini bottoms or underneath your regular costume/bikini bottoms.

They also offer confidence for ladies with leaky bladder / incontinence.

Body: 75% nylon, 25% Elastane
Lining: 50% Bamboo-Charcoal, 50% Polyester
Middle: 80% Polyester, 20% Nylon
Waterproof layer: Breathable TPU

Sizing guide:
 XS:  Waist = 30 cm | Hip = 32 cm
 S:  Waist = 32 cm | Hip = 34.5 cm
 M: Waist = 34.5 cm | Hip = 37 cm
 L:  Waist = 37 cm | Hip = 40 cm
 XL:   Waist = 39 cm | Hip = 41.5 cm
 2XL:  Waist = 41.5 cm | Hip = 43.5 cm
If your regular size (Eg Medium or XL) doesn't correspond at all - send us an email and we'll help.

Care Instructions:
1. Rinse after use.
2. Regular cold wash.
3. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softener!
4. Line Dry.

Keep in mind that period swimwear will not dry as quickly as regular bikini bottoms, so change into a dry pair after swimming.
Remember that BiddyKins Period Swimwear are more suited to light flow days - they can however also be used as back-up to your regular products on heavier flow days. 

BiddyKins Period Swimwear - Black Bikini Bottom

BiddyKins Period Swimwear - Black Bikini BottomBiddyKins Period Swimwear has been specifically desig.....

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