Silicone Storage Bags

All plastic is made from chemicals that have the potential to harm a person's health. The chemicals that make up plastic include BPA and DEHA. When food is stored in plastic bags, plastic zip-lock bags or cling-wrap, these chemicals can leach into the food and then be ingested says the U.S. Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. Over time these chemicals have been linked to tissue changes, genetic damage, chromosomal errors, miscarriage, birth defects, early onset of puberty and hormonal changes. In children, chemical leaching can cause harm to their developing immune system and can result in disrupted hormones and behavioural problems.

Fortunately we are becoming more aware of the dangers inherent to using plastic for storing food, and the environmental impact of single use plastic products.

BiddyKins Silicone Storage Bags, or 'stasher bags', are ideal for storing food & freezing safely. Made from thick food grade silicone, these airtight bags store foods and liquids safely for you and your family.  The small size bags are great for safely storing breast milk.

Safely store meat, fruit, soup or just about anything you can think of!

 Inert Food Grade Silicone     Environmentally Friendly
 BPA Fee     Re-usable     Collapsible     Durable    
 Easy to clean     Microwave, dishwasher & freezer friendly
 Cup, Milliliter and Ounce measurement indicators.

Available in three sizes:
 Small: 2 Cups / 500ml / 16 oz
 Medium: 4 Cups / 1000ml / 30 oz
 Large: 6 Cups / 1500ml / 50 oz

SMALL Silicone Storage Bag

BiddyKins Silicone Storage Bags are great for storing food safely and these small silicone bags are&.....

LARGE Silicone Storage Bag

BiddyKins Silicone Storage Bags are ideal for storing food safely. Made from thick food grade silico.....

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