Breast Pads

BiddyKins washable, reusable breast pads have been specifically designed with moms in mind.

South African moms were asked to try out various designs and comment on features.
Based on the feedback, we designed what we believe to be the optimal blend of absorbency, comfort and value for money.
Breast pads that work !

Each pack contains 8 (i.e. 4 pairs)  of washable & reusable breast pads. 

 Custom designed based on feedback from South African moms
 Soft bamboo layer against the skin 
 Absorbent bamboo & microfiber layers
 PUL waterproof outer layer
 Contoured shape for added comfort
 Includes PUL waterproof carry bag

Size:   12cm diam.

Washing instructions:
Pre-rinse and cold wash.
Use regular detergents - but NO FABRIC SOFTENER (don't add fabric softener and don't use "2-in-1" detergents).
Fabric softener coats the fibers of the absorbent layers and can permanently prevent the pads from being absorbent.

BiddyKins Breast Pads (WHITE)

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BiddyKins Breast Pads (BLACK)

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