Newborn Range

The BiddyKins range of newborn nappies. Despite some confusing information available online, there is no nappy that genuinely fits from "birth" to "potty" (unless all babies are born at over 4½kgs!)
The standard "One-Size-Fits-Most" nappy is too big for most babies (esp twins or prem babies) that weigh less than 4kg. It is simply not possible to achieve a nice snug fit around their little thighs - leading to all sorts of leaks and mishaps !

    Newborn nappies are specifically designed for smaller babies
    Newborn nappies are also size adjustable fitting from ± 3Kgs to ± 5½Kgs
    There is a slight overlap with the "One-Size-Fits-Most" nappy which fits from ± 4½ to ±16Kgs

Newborn babies can go through a LOT of nappies -  around 12 nappies per day - so we generally suggest having at least 25 newborn nappies and washing every day (36 nappies would allow washing every 2nd day).


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