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Fresh Produce Bags

Plastic shopper bags aren't the only plastic bags we regularly use.
Fresh produce bags are another example of single use plastic bags we should really consider doing away with.
Every time we go to the shop and choose fresh fruit and veggies we reach for those convenient little plastic packets...
But where do they end up after being used only once ?

Fortunately there is an environmentally friendly, reusable alternative.

Introducing BiddyKins Cotton Mesh Produce Bags.
Made from strong organic cotton, these durable mesh bags can be used over and over to hold your fresh produce when being weighed and purchased.

 Organic Cotton    Environmentally Friendly    Re-usable   
 Light Weight     Durable 

Each set contains FOUR different sized bags:

Fresh Produce Bags - 4 Pack

BiddyKins Fresh Produce Bags are made from strong organic cotton. These durable mesh bags can be use.....

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