Washable, Re-usable Sanitary pads.
LARGE size sanitary pads: For nights

Note that we also offer 3 other sizes for use at different times in your cycle depending on how heavy your flow is:
Small:  For light days at the beginning & end of your cycle.
Medium: For regular days.
Extra Large: For heavy nights and postpartum.

BiddyKins Sanitary Pads feature a PUL (waterproof) lower layer and charcoal bamboo fleece top layer:
  Super absorbent,
  Super soft,
  Environmentally friendly,
  And even save you money.

The charcoal bamboo (soft  dark grey) side is the absorbent layer that touches your your skin.
The smooth patterned/colour side is the waterproof  layer to go against panties.
Use the white snap buttons to secure the pad wings around panties.
Try to wear tight fitting panties to avoid pads moving.
Depending on how heavy your flow is you may need to change at midday, otherwise change in the morning and before bed.

 Remove pad and try to rinse as soon as possible.
 Rinse in cold water until water runs clear.
 Hand wash with green sunlight bar of soap...
    OR Machine wash in COLD water.
 Rinse well to remove all soap.
 Line dry.

COLD wash only, do not use bleach, do not use fabric softener or any 2-in-1 detergents (which include softener), do not tumble dry.

If you have any questions or need help join our Facebook group:

  Top Layer: Charcoal Bamboo Fleece
  Middle Layer: 2 Layers of Microfiber
  Lowest Layer: PUL Waterproof Print
  Size: ±7½cm x ±30½cm

Large Mama Cloth Minky Giraffe

Large washable, sanitary pad with a minky finish giraffe print.  Top Layer: Charcoal Bambo.....

Large Mama Cloth Minky Leopard

Large washable, sanitary pad with a minky finish leopard print.  Top Layer: Charcoal Bambo.....

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