Silicone Breast Pump

Lightweight and compact manual breast pump that's small and compact enough to go anywhere. 

Using this pump to collect milk for storage or to catch any letdown from your non-nursing breast is as easy as it gets.

Made from 100% BPA free, medical grade silicone, the BiddyKins Silicone Breast Pump is ideal for use anywhere you would like to discretely express, at home or when travelling. Simply suction to your breast and the pump does all the work for you, quietly and gently drawing your milk using suction. 

It's safe for mum, for baby and for the environment.
Easy to clean, simply sterilise with boiling water.
There are no batteries, no cables, and requires no assembly.
It's just fast, effective and simply to use.
Comes with a lid to catch spills.

Clean after each use. Do not use bleach based detergents. 
TIP: Have a look at our small silicone storage bag which is great for storing/freezing milk in an airtight container.

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Clear Silicone Breast Pump

 100% BPA free, medical grade silicone. Safe for mum, for baby and for the environment.&nb.....

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