GroVia, is one of the worlds leading cloth nappy brands and we are very proud to be the official distributors of this brand in South Africa and neighboring countries.

Some of our favourite features of the GroVia range include:

 Grovia Newborn All In One (Small size nappies for newborns).
 GroVia O.N.E (Snap-in absorbency).
 GroVia All-in-One (Sewn-in absorbency).
 GroVia Hybrid Shells (A Nappy Cover).
 GroVia BioSoakers (Biodegradable Disposable Soaker Pads)
 GroVia Magic Stick (No Mess No Fuss Bum Balm) - loading soon.
 GroVia Mighty Bubbles (Special Deep Cleaning Nappy Treatment)

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