Night Nappy

Regular size pockets, sleeves, all-in-ones are designed to be as absorbent as possible but are essentially designed for daytime use only: They require changing every 2 to 3 hours during the day.

Once the little one starts sleeping longer hours: 8, 10 or 12 hours - far longer than the 2 to 3 hours that day time nappies can last, a lot more absorbency is obviously needed. You definitely don't want to wake the little one every 4 hours to change their nappy!

In addition to flats and covers (flats are square pieces of fabric folded around the little one similar to the old style of cloth nappies) we offer a choice of two specific night time solutions: A bamboo fitted nappy and a hemp fitted nappy

Both of these fitted night nappies are OSFM size nappies, intended for use specifically during night times.
They both offer far more absorbency than regular pockets/all-in-1's and are designed to hold as much wee as possible.

Which is right for you ?  You decide. They are very similar nappies with only the two outer layers of fabric (ie the shell) being different.
The only difference between the two options is what the outer shell is made of ...(the shell is the part of the nappy that actually wraps around baby and has the snaps on).
You'll notice below that the inserts that are included with nappies are identical (so you do still get hemp inserts with the bamboo fitted nappy).

The shell of the bamboo fitted is made from two layers of bamboo terry, while the shell of the hemp fitted is made from two layers of hemp fleece.

Whilst the hemp nappy is the more absorbent option, the bamboo nappy is a much softer nappy and is ideal for little ones that don't need maximum absorbency at nights, or are a little younger and may only need the extra absorbency offered by the hemp when they get older.

These are obviously far bulkier nappies than pockets or all-in-1's - since the only way to make them last a long time at night is to add more layers of the most absorbent fabric available.

The BiddyKins BAMBOO Fitted nappy consists of:
 A 2 Layer bamboo terry shell
 2x Snap-in 4 layer hemp fleece inserts
 1x Loose 5 layer bamboo pure insert with a staydry layer on top to keep baby more comfortable.

The BiddyKins HEMP Fitted nappy consists of:
 A 2 Layer hemp fleece shell
 2x Snap-in 4 layer hemp fleece inserts
 1x Loose 5 layer bamboo pure insert with a staydry layer on top to keep baby more comfortable.

It is very important to note that neither of these fitted nappies are waterproof, so a PUL Cover or a Fleece Cover must also be put on once the fitted nappy has been fastened.

'All-Night' OSFM HEMP Fitted Night Nappy

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