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Newborn Flats

Flats are basically square pieces of fabric that can be folded in different ways to either completely wrap around the little one (secured using SnappiesĀ®), or they can be pad folded so that they essentially act as regular inserts and be fitted into covers.

A primary benefit of a flat is that it dries far quicker (when hung out to dry unfolded) than a regular insert which usually consists of about 4 layers sewn together.
Newborn Flats are usually 50cm x 50cm.

Many moms have found that cotton flannel receiving blankets also make for excellent absorbent layers - so we have also included our small size cotton receiving blankets here in this category too.
(Flats and receiving blankets are also available in a larger size for use with the regular (OSFM) sized nappies)

50cm x 50cm Bamboo Flat

50cm x 50cm Bamboo terry square fabric to be folded and used as absorbent layers in cloth nappies. T.....


3 Pack of gender neutral SnappisĀ®.Used to securely fasten flats and prefolds......and much safer tha.....

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