'All-Night' OSFM BAMBOO Fitted Night Nappy

  • R180.00


Bamboo fitted night nappy - note that although the shell is two layers of bamboo terry, hemp inserts are also included.
 Size adjusting snaps ( ±4½kg - 16Kg).
 Two layer bamboo terry shell.
 Two snap-in 4 layer hemp inserts.
 One loose 5 layer StayDry bamboo insert.
 Requires a Cover (Not included).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Note that bamboo is a reasonably sensitive fabric. Acidic wee can start to break down (dissolve) the bamboo fibers. You may notice some thinning patches on the inserts. This tends to indicate that something is damaging the fabric - and it can often be down to highly acidic wee. Resolving this issue as soon as it starts occurring can save the inserts from further damage. Rinse the inserts after changing baby to reduce the acidity levels and seriously consider adjusting babies fluid intake - think more water - less juice.

Remember that hemp fabric requires a number of washes to become fully absorbent (for this nappy this relates to the two snap in hemp inserts only) .
To accelerate this:
Hand wash the two hemp inserts in warm water with a little sunlight dishwashing liquid - this removes a lot of the oil residue quickly.
Only do this once - thereafter wash as per regular routine.

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