3 Division Silicone Suction Plate: Pink

  • R170.00


A non-slip silicone plate with three compartments. The plate forms a strong suction seal against smooth flat surfaces.

 100% food-grade siilcone safe up to 220°C.
 100% BPA free.
 Bacteria resistant.
 Microwave safe.
 Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
 Compact suction seal directly beneath plate.
 Supports baby-led weaning.

SIZE: ± 21½ cm (left to right) x ± 19 cm (top to bottom)
SUCTION SIZE (beneath plate) : ± 16cm
DEPTH: ± 2½ cm deep compartments

Ensure that the underside is free of dust or dirt to ensure the suction seals effectively.
Gently pull on the little tab on the underside to break the suction seal and lift the plate.

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