Light Blue Silicone Suction Adapter

  • R60.00


A non-slip silicone suction adapter.
This nifty little adapter turns your favourite bowl into a strong non-slip suction bowl, stopping messy little 'mishaps' !
Note that the bottom of the bowl and the counter must have a smooth surface to ensure an effective suction seal.

 100% food-grade silicone.
 100% BPA free.
 Bacteria resistant.
 Microwave safe.
 Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

SIZES (refer to second picture):
  Top seal against the bowl: ± 6 cm
  Bottom seal against the counter: ± 9½ cm
  Once the bowl is sealed against the counter it's less than 1cm up off the counter.

NB: Ensure that the counter, bowl and the adapter are all free of dust or dirt to ensure the suction seals effectively.
Gently pull on the little tab to break the suction seal against the bowl.

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