Green Grey Small Suction Bowl with Lip

  • R115.00


Suction bowl with curved lip.
This bowl holds about 300ml of liquid. It's nice & compact with a small base - it's perfect for using with high chairs that have molded trays attached where our other bowl-and-tray in-one items may be too big and can't form a suction seal. The bowl has an extended curved lip along one side to help level off the spoon so that just the right amount of food goes into those little mouths. The curved lip also assists little ones to scoop up their own food. 

 100% food-grade silcone safe up to 220°C.
 100% BPA free.
 Bacteria resistant.
 Microwave safe.
 Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
 Small base to seal against smaller flat surfaces.

To form a tight seal, use a spoon and gently push down (with the flat side of the spoon) on the inside of the bowl when it's on a flat smooth surface.
Ensure that the underside is free of dust or dirt to ensure the suction seals effectively.
Gently pull on the little tab on the underside to break the suction seal and lift the bowl.

Bowl size: ±11cm diam x ± 4½cm deep

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