Fox & Owl Milestone MAT 1,2mx1m

Fox & Owl Milestone MAT 1,2mx1m

  • R200.00 R230.00


Note that this is really more of a light weight polyester-cotton mat - it's perhaps a touch too stiff to be a blanket...
The top side is silky smooth and soft, with the underside is a little too rough to be a blanket (it is still as thin as a blanket though).
Why not capture the growth during the little one's first year on this milestone mat/ backdrop.

(P.S - It also makes for a great baby shower gift)

Material: 95% Polyester; 5% Cotton
Size: ±120cm x ±100cm 

Care Instructions:
Cold wash, Do not beach, Do not Iron
Refer to care label for more info.

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