4 Layer Cotton Bamboo Insert

  • R37.00


A 4 Layer cotton bamboo fleece insert.

This insert holds almost as much as our hemp inserts - but with the benefit that it does not become as stiff when it dries (ie it remains quite a bit softer).
It also tends to hold it's shape significantly better than the hemp and is not prone to shrinking to the same degree.

These cotton bamboo inserts can be used along with either microfiber or bamboo inserts, and should also be placed furtherst away from the bum.

  Very useful as baby gets a little older and wee volume increases
  Almost as absorbent as the 4 layer hemp inserts but with the benefit that they do not stiffen or shrink to the same degree
  Size: ±35cm x ±13cm (some shrinkage is to be expected)

This insert also requires a number of washes to become fully absorbent. To accelerate this:
Hand wash the new cotton bamboo inserts in warm water with a little sunlight dishwashing liquid - this removes a lot of the oil residue quickly.
Only do this once - thereafter wash as per regular routine.

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