Charcoal Bamboo Washable Fleece Liner

  • R15.00


A double layer, washable and re-usable, charcoal bamboo fleece liner.

Double layer provides more rigidity, reducing likelihood of liner scrunching up.
Dark grey colour hides stains.
Charcoal treated fabrics are claimed to be antimicrobial and to reduce odour.
Being dark, they dry rapidly in the sun.

These regular (OSFM) size fleece liners are similar in size to regular inserts.
They should be placed loosely as the top most layer of the nappy just before it is fitted.
The super soft bamboo fleece is in direct contact with the skin and feels drier to the touch than disposable liners.
Always use cloth-safe bum balms with washable fleece liners (residue build-up from other creams will clog the fleece which may result in the nappy leaking).

Sold individually.

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