" Your guide to modern cloth nappies"

Covers & Flats…

BiddyKins waterproof CoverWaterproof covers are a really cost effective alternative. Covers are really exactly as the name suggests: Just the cover. There is no white inner lining (microsuede pocket/sleeve) at all – just the waterproof outer layer. Covers are designed for use with the absorbent material of your choice. BiddyKins StayDry inserts, Bamboo terry inserts, Charcoal Bamboo fleece inserts and Hemp inserts can all be used with waterproof covers.

BiddyKins Covers feature a fold-over flap at either end of the cover allowing one to tuck the inserts or absorbent layer of your choice under these flaps – this helps keep the absorbent layer in place.

Some moms have found though that wriggly babies can be difficult to change using covers, since the loose inserts can shift around as baby moves.

BiddyKins Covers are a slightly larger cut than standard pocket nappies - usually flats and fitted nappies can get quite bulky requiring a larger cover. BiddyKins Covers are also a “one-size-fits-most” design (±5Kg - ±16Kg).


Flats are basically square pieces of fabric that can be folded in different ways to either completely wrap around the little one (secured using Snappies®), or they can be pad folded so that they essentially act as regular inserts and be fitted into covers (or even pockets / All-in2 sleeves).

A primary benefit of a flat is that it dries far quicker than a regular insert which usually consists of about 4 layers. BiddyKins offers flats in two different fabric choices: bamboo terry, or hemp fleece – both fabric options are available in both new born size (50cm x 50cm) or regular size (70cm x 70cm).

A regular size 70cm x 70cm flat is approximately the equivalent of 2 four layer inserts.

A note on hemp fleece: hemp fleece is the same fabric that is often found in super absorbent hemp inserts. It is not to be confused with far cheaper and less absorbent hemp jersey fabric that is also more readily available. Hemp jersey  has the same texture on either side, whereas hemp fleece is fluffy on one side. BiddyKins hemp fleece is not pre-washed so some shrinkage is to be expected. Hemp fleece can be stretched out again when wet however achieving a perfect square again is unlikely – it will lose its shape to some degree.