REJECT: Black Breast Pads (Set of 8)

REJECT: Black Breast Pads (Set of 8)

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Kindly note that these black breast pads have white stitching along edges (as opposed to the black stitching over our regular breast pads) - these breast pads are factory rejects because of the white stitching which could be visible through dark clothing.

A set of 8 black, washable & reusable breast pads (with WHITE stitching along the edge).

 Soft microsuede ‘StayDry’ layer 
 Absorbent bamboo & microfiber layers
 PUL waterproof outer layer
 Contoured shape for added comfort
 Includes PUL waterproof carry bag

Color: BLACK with White stitching along edge
Size:   12cm diam.

Also note that unlike our regular breast pad sets - these sets of 8 pads do NOT include the small waterproof carry pouch.

Washing instructions:
Pre-rinse and cold wash.
Use regular detergents - but NO FABRIC SOFTENER (don't add fabric softener and don't use "2-in-1" detergents).
Fabric softener coats the fibers of the absorbent layers and can permanently prevent the pads from being absorbent.