Minky Prints

"Minky" fabric, specifically the outer layer, has a very soft velvety feel.
Some moms love the feeling, others prefer the regular smooth finish. Other than the soft velvety feel of the outer layer, minky pocket nappies are identical to standard print pocket nappies.

     The "StayDry" lining helps baby feel dry & securely holds the inserts in place. 
     The One-Size–Fits-Most design fits from ± 4½Kg through to about 16Kg.
     You choose which absorbent insert you'd like to use with the pockets. 
     Our agreements with the worlds largest factories guarantees your peace-of-mind.
     If the label doesn't say "Biddykins" ... it's not BiddyKins quality!

Remember ourCloth Nappy Guide has loads of useful info on all the different types of modern cloth nappies.

* BiddyKins nappies are manufactured specifically for us by our factory. Other pocket nappies may look like our nappies - but our sole distribution rights with our factory means that other "look-alike" pocket nappies are NOT made in our factories to our exacting standards. This is just one of the reasons why BiddyKins pocket nappies have been voted SA's favourite pocket nappy for two years in a row!

Choose your favourite prints from our range  below: