70cm Hemp Fleece Flat

  • R85.00


70cm x 70cm Hemp Fleece square fabric to be folded and used as absorbent layers in cloth nappies.
This hemp fleece fabric is the same fabric that regular hemp inserts are made from.
It is a little thicker than hemp jersey, and is "fluffy" on one side. It is significantly more absorbent than hemp jersey.
Because the fabric is not folded and sewn together it dries much faster on the line than inserts which consist of several layers.

 Hemp fleece is the most absorbent fabric we offer.
 This hemp fleece fabric is pre-washed & pre-shrunk - however it will still shrink slightly.
 Hemp fabric does lose its shape and stiffens while drying. Simply pull it straight and work it by hand to soften.
 It can be tumble dried - which also softens it.
 Fit around baby and fasten with a SnappiĀ®.
 Or pad fold and use as an insert to boost absorbency.
 Ideal for use at night times.