60cm SlimFit Cotton Flat - Aqua

  • R50.00


Our new locally made super trim pre-shrunk cotton flats.
These soft flats are comparable in absorbency to our hemp jersey flats.

Heavier wetting babies may require additional absorbency (boosters).

Because the fabric is not folded and sewn together (like regular nappy inserts) it dries much faster on the line.

 Super soft cotton, absorbent and stretchy.
 Pre-shrunk to minimize loss of shape and size when washing.
 Fit around baby and fasten with a SnappiĀ®.
 Or pad fold and use as an insert to boost absorbency.
SIZE: 60cm x 60cm (Medium)

Keep in mind that flats are just the absorbent layers - you will always need some type of cover over the flats (eg PUL cover or Fleece cover) as a waterproof outer layer.