50cm Bamboo Flat

  • R55.00


50cm x 50cm Bamboo terry square fabric to be folded and used as absorbent layers in cloth nappies.
This is the same fabric that bamboo inserts are made from.
Because the fabric is not folded and sewn together (like a regular 4 layer bamboo insert) it dries much faster on the line.

 Bamboo terry is super soft, absorbent and stretchy and doesn't lose its shape or stiffen.
 Bamboo terry is a little bulkier than hemp jersey fabric.
 Fit around baby and fasten with a SnappiĀ®.
 Or pad fold and use as an insert to boost absorbency.

Keep in mind that flats are just the absorbent layers - you will always need some type of cover over the flats (eg PUL cover or Fleece cover) as a waterproof outer layer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Note that bamboo is a reasonably sensitive fabric. Acidic wee can start to break down (dissolve) the bamboo fibers. You may notice some thinning patches on the fabric. This tends to indicate that something is damaging the fabric - and it can often be down to highly acidic wee. Resolving this issue as soon as it starts occurring can save the fabric from further damage. Rinse the flat after changing baby to reduce the acidity levels and seriously consider adjusting babies fluid intake - think more water - less juice.