Sand Art

Proudly manufactured right here in South Africa, Sand Art provides hours of creative fun for young and young at heart.

Simply peel, sprinkle and repeat ...

Fun and educational.
It's non-toxic and safe to use.
No glue, no hard to clean spills !

 Makes fantastic gifts for siblings when baby seems to be getting all the attention ! 

SandArt - Six Pack

The Six Pack is a fun and creative Sandart gift that has all the necessary tools - including a tray .....

SandArt - Mini Pack (incl. 2 Cards)

Sandart Magic in a small pack. The 8 colours of sand in the pack are more than enough, you can now g.....

SandArt - 4x Postcards (add-on)

We've put together a few collections of post cards. Please note that the packs only contain the.....

SandArt - 4x Fridge Magnet Set (add-on)

Add a splash of colour to your fridge with these irresistible and cute fridge magnets. Simply stick .....

SandArt - 2x Bookmark Set (add-on)

The perfect handmade gift for someone special who enjoys reading. Guaranteed fun and self-laminating.....

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