Cloth Nappies

Our nappy selection has been carefully put together to offer mom and baby the protection they need...with the style they deserve !

By working closely alongside the world's largest cloth nappy manufacturers, we've secured the best quality nappies at the most affordable prices.

Moms in the know agree, having voted BiddyKins Pockets and BiddyKins All-in-Ones:  SA's favourite nappies !...Oh and also favorite waterproof covers and swim nappies !

We've really tried to include as much information as possible in the various categories to help you make informed purchasing decisions. You can also have a read through our original cloth nappy guide that has helped loads of moms find their way through the world of cloth nappies. You can find it here:BiddyKins Cloth Nappy Guide

Whilst cloth nappies are size adjustable, which makes them very cost effective, there is no way for the same nappy to fit from birth (which can be as low as 2Kg's) right through to potty training (+16Kg's), despite the exaggerated claims that are sometimes made. Our cloth nappies are therefore divided into two major categories:

  NEWBORN Specific Nappies:
      (±2.5kg's through to ±5Kgs)

       (+4½kgs through to ±16Kgs):

      (±18kg's through to ±25Kgs)

Dont forget our SPECIALS page

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