J900 Special RWC19 Newborn Cover

  • R100.00


A white newborn size PUL Cover with a commemorative RWC19 print.

NOTE: This is a special edition promotional print cover to commemorate the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

The print is applied by hand to our standard  white newborn size PUL cover and whilst every care is taken to preserve the integrity of the sensitive PUL, there remains a chance that the PUL may be accidentally damaged during the print application. This unfortunately means that we cannot offer our standard guarantee with this promotional nappy.

This nappy is therefore not covered by any  form of guarantee.

 This is a waterproof cover with no interior lining.
 Contains no absorbent layers.
 Two flaps to tuck inserts beneath
 Size adjust from ±2½Kg's up to ±6Kg's

Since covers are not absorbent they dry very quickly.
PUL covers should not be left in the sun for longer than it takes to dry as harsh direct sunlight can damage the sensitive waterproofing.