Gift Vouchers

BiddyKins Gift Voucher's are an ideal gift when you're not entirely sure what mom needs most.

  You choose the voucher value.
  Add the message you'd like included on the voucher.
  We email the gift voucher to you in PDF format.
  You then forward the gift voucher to the recipient.

Please note that vouchers are created manually during office hours, once proof of payment email has been received.

Kindly note that due to the MamaMagic expo in Cape Town this weekend, Gift Vouchers will only be sent out from Tuesday 5th November onwards. For any vouchers that urgently need to be sent this week, you may simply use your invoice number (eg BDKxxxx) as the voucher code. The vouchers will then be activated from the 5th November onwards. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

BiddyKins Gift Voucher

A BiddyKins Gift Voucher. Select the Voucher Value from the dropdown box below Add the Mes.....

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