XLB02 Extra Large Green HotAir Pocket

  • R135.00


Similar to our standard OSFM pocket nappies, but sized for bigger little ones!

     The size adjustable design fits from ± 18Kg through to about 25Kg.
     The "StayDry" lining feels dry to the touch & securely holds inserts in place. 
     The nappy includes 1x XL 4 layer bamboo pure insert. 
     Our agreements with the worlds largest factories guarantees your peace-of-mind.
     If the label doesn't say "Biddykins" ... it's not BiddyKins quality!

Remember ourCloth Nappy Guide has loads of useful info on all the different types of modern cloth nappies.

Note: We recommend adding a hemp fleece flat which is pad folded to fit inside the pocket (along with the default bamboo insert) to add the extra absorbency larger little ones usually need.

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