Disposable Bamboo Liners (Small Size-Sale)

  • R65.00


A roll of 100 sheets. 

Note that these liners, procured during lock-down, are of a smaller size than our regular liners, however they are still useful to catch solids!

Bamboo liners catch solids and help prevent bum cream clogging the cloth.
Makes dealing with a poo nappy a little easier.

Only recommended for use once the little one starts on pureed/solid foods.

*Important Note: Whilst the liners are made from bamboo and are biodegradable, keep in mind that they do not dissolve instantly and can cause a blockage in pipes if they get snagged. Since nobody wants to wait for liners to decompose before using the toilet again - we suggest not flushing them (especially if you have old pipes) and rather throwing them away so that they can decompose in a land fill site.

NOTE: These liners are slightly thinner and a slightly smaller size than our regular liners, and we have limited QTY available:
SIZE: 300mm(L) x 180mm(W)

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