REVERSABLE WITH NOSE WIRE, Pink Small Hearts - Medium

  • R60.00


Teen & Lady's size 100% cotton re-usable cloth mask.
Hidden wire around nose for improved seal. This also helps to prevent glasses misting up.

This mask IS fully reversable - it has a grey and white cotton stripe layer on the reverse.

 Two Outer Layers of 95% Cotton Knit Fabric (super soft).
 One hidden layer of 100% Cotton Middle Layer.
 Bendable Hidden Nose Wire.
 Adjustable Fabric Ties Comfortably Holds Mask in Place.
     Four loose ties that can be tied behind the head. 

Pointed edge fits over nose (the flatter edge sits below the chin).
Adjust (mold/bend) the wire so that it follows the contour of your nose and lies flat against the nose and cheeks.
Tighten the strings(ties) to ensure snug fit
      The top two strings usually tighten around the head passing above the ears - however if a snug fit is not achieved along the nose, also try passing the strings below the ears.
      The lower two strings should be tied together so that they pass below the ears.
      Some have found that they achieve a more comfortable fit by fastening the top string to the opposite lower string. Experiment to achieve the best fit for the face.

Care Instructions:
Warm wash 40 degrees
Tumble dry on low
Cool Iron

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