PB062 Multicolor Hearts Pod Bag

  • R90.00


A smooth finish nappy pod bag.

Nappy Pods are a great way to organize your clean nappies when you're out - forming a neat cube.
The pods are made from the same waterproof fabric that our wetbags are made from (Waterproof PUL). Although they can be used for storing dirty nappies, they are primarily intended for storing clean nappies, neatly and conveniently, when you're out on the road - or dropping the little ones off at creche' (or granny!).

  1x Zippered polyurethane Lined (PUL) waterproof compartment
  Handle snaps together for easy attachment to pram etc.
  Rectangular shape (sized to fit OSFM sized nappies)
  Holds approx. 12 nappies with double inserts.

Size: ±30cm x 20cm x 20cm

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