Fleece Covers

Like PUL covers, Fleece covers also completely wrap around the other absorbent layers, and around baby's bum, locking everything in. Although not waterproof in the same way that PUL covers are completely waterproof, fleece covers work by repelling the moisture. As long as there is not an excessive amount of pressure on the fleece cover, the moisture will not pass through the cover.

Fleece covers feel much softer than laminated PUL covers , and as result are gentler on the skin - especially the fit around the little thighs. Fleece covers are a good alternative to PUL covers at night when worn over the BiddyKins Fitted Night Nappy which is worn for an extended period of time.

 NEWBORN: Size adjusts from ±2½Kg's up to ±7Kg's 
 Water repellent as long as there is no excessive pressure on the nappy
 Softer on the skin than regular PUL covers 
 Ideal for use with night nappies

NBFL03 Newborn Cream FLEECE Cover

A cream fleece cover with aqua snaps. Newborn: Fits from ±2½kgs to ±7kgs. Water repel.....

NBFL04 Newborn Yellow FLEECE Cover

A yellow fleece cover. Newborn: Fits from ±2½kgs to ±7kgs. Water repellent as long as.....

NBFL09 Light Pink FLEECE Cover

A light pink fleece cover. Newborn: Fits from ±2½kgs to ±7kgs. Water repellent as lon.....

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