Velcro Conversion

We love using snaps as nappy fasteners and firmly believe that they offer the best all round performance, all things considered (durability, functionality, ease of use, ease of cleaning etc). That's why all our nappies come standard with snap closures.

We also understand that some moms (or dads or pre-schools) rather like using 'velcro*'.

That's why we've decided to offer these extremely simple velcro adapters.

These adapters are simply strips of velcro that snap onto the existing snaps of the nappy which then allows you to fasten the nappy using a velcro closure, rather than deciding on which snaps to use.

Note that not all snaps are made equal! Whilst these velcro strips will snap onto BiddyKins nappies, they may not always fit onto snaps from other manufacturers. 
Also be aware that these are extremely basic strips of velcro. Even the snaps on most nappies are actually positioned by hand so the velcro snaps will not always line up perfectly. 

Seeing as how they're so affordable - there's not much harm in trying !

* The correct term is "Hook-and-Loop" since these strips aren't actually physically manufactured by the company "Velcro" - but not everyone would understand what we're on about since the brand name Velcro has become synonymous with the technology!).

Velcro Adapter

Velco adapter for 1 nappy.A simple strip of velcro that clips onto the existing snaps of the nappy, .....

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