• R1,400.00


A bundled pack of 10 All-in-One nappies which does NOT include any pink nappies.
(please have a read through the All-In-One NAPPY SECTION in our info guide if you are unfamiliar with all-in-one nappies)

 SIZE OSFM: Fits from ±4½kgs to ±16kgs (this is not for newborn babies).
 COLOURS: As per the product image - one of each of the following colours: Light Blue, Medium Blue, Royal Blue, Aqua, Light Green, Green, White, 2x Grey, Red.
(Please note that these colours are pre-assigned to the bundle packs and cannot be changed/swapped out.)

Please keep in mind the following important "rules" on using our cloth nappies:

1) Strictly NO 'normal' bum cream - only cloth friendly bum balms (balms that completely wash out of the fabric) may be used.
 Click here for more info on bum creams & cloth nappies.
2) Following our very basic wash routine is non-negotiable: any deviation may permanently damage your nappies and will void any warranty on the nappies.
 Click here for our washing & care instructions (and how to hang All-in-One nappies on the line to dry).

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