Starter Kit - 5 Pockets - Neutral Colours with Giraffe Wetbag

Starter Kit - 5 Pockets - Neutral Colours with Giraffe Wetbag

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Many moms have asked us over the years to put together a very basic starter bundle.

Always remember that every baby is different and are often starting out on cloth nappies at different ages (ie. not necessarily from the ±4½ kg mark).
Some babies wee a lot (heavy wetters) others wee very little (light wetters). 
Our philosophy has always been to give moms the power to make their own decisions for the little ones that they know best. So we try to give moms as much info as possible to make informed decisions....
But .... if you're looking for a little push in the right direction - or perhaps feel overwhelmed by the information overload and just  want a "one click" add-to-cart little starter bundle - we get that too ...

Then perhaps this starter bundle will be just right for you - it contains 5 neutral colour nappies to get you started. These 5 nappies are ideal for day time use, changing every ±2½hrs. 

What's in this OSFM (one size fits most) bundle:
 5x Plain colour pocket nappy shells - the nappies will fit from around 5 kg's - or as soon as the leg elastics form a nice snug fit).
 (Pocket nappies remain our best sellers - are very affordable - and they work perfectly)
 Kindly note that these colours as depicted in the product image are pre-assigned to the bundle and cannot be swapped out: 
 1x Grey, 1x Red, 1x Green, 1x Light Blue, 1x Aqua
 5x Microfiber inserts (ie. 1 insert per nappy shell)
 1x Roll of disposable bamboo nappy liners
 1x Sample tub of bum balm (because you cannot use regular bum creams) (please read up about bum creams and cloth nappies HERE)
 1x Animal theme wet bag (used to store  dirty nappies when you're away from home)

What can or should you change/upgrade:
Whilst the waterproof nappy shells can size adjust from 5kg through potty training, the inserts you need to use with the nappy shells must be carefully considered (this is the sponge part of the nappy that does the absorbing). Some inserts absorb very quickly - but can't hold the liquid when they are squeezed. Others absorb a lot and hold great when squeezed - but absorb too slowly to be used on their own. Understanding this is probably the most crucial point in a successful, leak free cloth nappy journey.
The above starter bundle includes only 1 microfiber insert for each pocket nappy and this will only work for small babies (but bigger than 4.5Kg)  who are considered light wetters - and even then not for very long. Soon the sponge will fill up too quickly and leaks may start around the legs, especially when baby starts moving around. Using only 1 microfiber insert is NOT our recommended nappy solution - we offer it because it's just the cheapest way to try 5 of our pocket nappies.

We always strongly recommend that each nappy be used with a minimum of 2 inserts. Keep in mind that the insert does the hard work - it's the sponge that must absorb all the wee, so adding a second insert automatically doubles the amount of wee the nappy can hold.

Below you can choose to upgrade the above basic starter bundle (which may well not be enough absorbency for your little one) based on our following general guidelines:
 For use on babies ±3 months to ±11 months (for medium wetters):
We suggest choosing UPGRADE OPTION 1 : Keep the 5 microfiber inserts and ADD 5 additional bamboo blend inserts - this would give you a total of 10 inserts - you would place both inserts together into each shell with the microfiber closest to the bum (under the lining). 
(Understand that you will most likely need to add a hemp insert once the little one goes over 1 year of age as they start moving around and the nappy is 'squashed' more.)

 For use on babies between 10 months to ±2yrs  (or heavier wetters):
We recommend choosing UPGRADE OPTION 2:  Swap all 5 microfiber inserts for 5 bamboo blend inserts AND 5 additional hemp inserts - ie total of 10 inserts-  you would place both inserts together into each shell with the bamboo closest to the bum (under the lining) 

Keep in mind that the above is just our general guide - the nappies do fit from around 5kg's (as soon as the leg elastics create a nice snug seal) and will last right through to potty training - with only the inserts type or quantity needing adjusting as the little one gets bigger/more mobile and wee volumes increase.
We strongly recommend opting for the bamboo blend and hemp option (UPGRADE OPTION 2) - it may be a little more absorbency than needed right at the beginning of the nappy journey - but very soon becomes the required option that will be needed right through to potty training. Some heavier wetting babies may even need an extra hemp insert at around 2 years of age to boost the nappy a even further. 

Please note the following important "rules" on using our cloth nappies:
1) Strictly NO 'normal' bum cream - only cloth friendly bum balms (balms that completely wash out of the fabric) may be used - that's why we add a sample tub for you to try.
 Click here for more info on bum creams & cloth nappies.
2) Following our very basic wash routine is non-negotiable: any deviation may permanently damage your nappies and will void any warranty on the nappies.
 Click here for our washing & care instructions (and how to hang All-in-One nappies on the line to dry).
3) Since nappies are a sanitary item, we can unfortunately not allow any returns on nappy purchases. This protects all our moms and their little ones - refer to our Returns Policy for more info.

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