BUNDLE: 10 Plain Pockets (GIRL/PINK)

BUNDLE: 10 Plain Pockets (GIRL/PINK)

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A bundled pack of 10 pocket nappies which includes some pink nappies.
(please have a read through the POCKET NAPPY SECTION and the INSERT SECTION in our info guide if you are unfamiliar with pocket nappies and inserts)

 SIZE OSFM: Fits from ±4½kgs to ±16kgs (this is not for newborn babies).
 COLOURS: As per the product image - one of each of the following colours: Light Pink, Bright Pink, Peach Pink, Grey, Aqua, Lilac, Red, Orange, Bright Purple, Navy.
(Please note that these colours are pre-assigned to the bundle packs and cannot be changed/swapped out.)

You can choose between 2 insert options below:

10 Microfiber Inserts:
Selecting this option will add 10 microfiber inserts to be used with the 10 pocket shells, ie ONLY ONE insert for each pocket nappy.
This will only work for small babies (above ±4½ who are extremely light wetters). This will usually not be sufficient for very long, as baby gets older and wee volume increases, the microfiber insert (the sponge) will fill up faster and any compression/squeezing on the nappy can cause leaks - requiring more frequent nappy changes.
This is not our recommended insert option  - it's just the cheapest way to try our pocket nappies.
We always strongly recommend that each nappy be used with a minimum of 2 inserts. Keep in mind that the insert does the hard work - it's the sponge that must absorb all the wee, so adding a second insert automatically doubles the amount of wee the nappy can hold.

10x Bamboo Blend AND 10x Hemp Inserts:
Selecting this option will add 20 inserts to be used with the 10 pocket shells, ie TWO inserts for each pocket nappy shell.
This is our recommended insert combination and will add significantly more absorbency to the nappies.
Using the two inserts together - ie the bamboo insert closest to the bum, and then the hemp furthest away from the bum - is a very good combination and many babies can use this combination through to potty training.
(Heavy wetting babies may require an additional hemp insert and often only from above 2 years of age).

Please keep in mind the following important "rules" on using our cloth nappies:
1) Strictly NO 'normal' bum cream - only cloth friendly bum balms (balms that completely wash out of the fabric) may be used.
 Click here for more info on bum creams & cloth nappies.
2) Following our very basic wash routine is non-negotiable: any deviation may permanently damage your nappies and will void any warranty on the nappies.
 Click here for our washing & care instructions.

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