3 Layer Microfibre Insert

  • R20.00


A single 3-layer white microfibre insert 

 Size: (OSFM) ±35cm x ±14cm

This is our cheapest insert and is the default insert included with OSFM size pocket nappies, but note the following:

Microfibre dries very quickly and is relatively cheap.
It is often only useful whilst the little one is still small - until about 1 year of age:
Although it is very absorbent - it unfortunately is the worst performing insert when it is "squeezed" - leading to compression leaks. This occurs when the insert is squashed, which happens more and more as the little one becomes more mobile and starts moving around.  For this reason microfibre is NOT our recommended insert option.

 Microfibre inserts can be paired with other inserts such as bamboo or hemp.
 Microfibre should never be placed directly against the skin as it can dry the skin and cause skin irritation. 
 This insert should always be placed inside the "pocket" of the nappy to keep it away from direct skin contact.

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